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- Message from PROA Holdings group -

We at the PROA Holdings group, the managers of,
are part of the Japanese employment infrastructure responsible for meeting the needs of our aging society.
・For seniors of 70 years of age and over, we provide a working environment and advice on creating a balance between work and private life
・For young people eager to gain experience before embarking on their dream career,
we offer new opportunities to build their confidence and hone their skills
・By offering support to the recently employed and introducing part-time jobs to foreign students eager to improve their skills,
we contribute to society and create jobs
We cherish every wish to work and live, we prioritize communication with each and every one.

The key concepts of our work

  • We offer work that is motivated by social participation
  • We offer work that meets the society’s needs.
  • We offer work that helps build a more hopeful future society.
  • We offer work that gives joy and fulfillment.
  • We offer work to build a brighter and wealthier society that utilizes the potential of elderly workers
  • We offer work to build a better world for our children.
  • We offer work that helps us connect with the people around us as well as our own humanity

Message from our representative

We at PROA Holdings group are forerunner in the field of Japanese social enterprise (social infrastructure business). Our core business is management of a a skill-up selection site that aims to create employment opportunities for the aged and and the unexperienced, thereby meeting one of the greatest needs of our current super-aging society.
‘Employment infrastructure’, ‘re-entry into work life’, ‘new challenges’ and ‘vocational re-training’ are some of the keywords in the great national project that is crucial to Japan’s growth strategy in this era of rapid aging and mature economy. It is our intention to work towards the completion of this project on a practical level.
Japan is sheduled to host the upcoming Tokyo olympics, and our country’s goal to receive 20 million tourists per year has already been exceeded. Under these circumstances, we have been working for over 10 years the fields of tourism and foreigner employment by providing staffing services to first class hotels and engaging in various activities to help foreigners integrate into the Japanese society.
The realities of supply and demand of labor fluctuate too fast for the construction of social mechanisms to keep up with them, and they have to quickly react to the needs of the market. We strive to create as many job opportunities as we can in order to help power the growth of Japan’s economy.

■We provide new job opportunities and encourage the honing of working skills
■TWe introduce engaging working environments for healthy workers in their 70’s and 80’s
■We offer opportunities for the inexperienced to learn new skills and gain confidence by taking their first steps into working life

We plan to broaden our activities around these and other goals while flexibly meeting the needs of the surrounding society. Our goal is to be the place where everyone, whether they be yound or old, men or women, Japanese or foreigners, can come to hone their skills and feel themselves grow.

PROA Holdings group
Managing director Masahiro Kato

Our businesses
Below we introduce some of the fields where our first-timers have honed their skills.

Company profile

Company PROA Holdings group
Group capital 137,600,000 yen
The group annual turnover 2,800,000,000 yen (March, 2018)
Group employee 1,100
branch Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto
Managing director Masahiro Kato
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Oike expert Ainomachi higashinyuu Takamiya-cho 206 Bill Ike 7th floor MAP

TEL 075-222-7231

FAX 075-222-7255

Tokyo branch office
VORT Shinbashi NEX 4F, 5-13-10 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo MAP



Description of business Publication Outsourcing
HR outsourcing and consulting
Machinery, Power, Electronics and Software development outsourcing
Real estate
Management consulting

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